Accounts Payable Services:

  • Management of all paper-based payables documents
  • Sorting, Batch Preparation, Scanning, Receiving and Processing incoming documents
  • Audit and Reconciliation of scanned invoices
  • Eliminate the risk of duplicate payments
  • Manual and Automated data entry
  • Three-way Database Matching
  • Electronic invoice processing.
  • Print and distribution of checks
  • Online check proofing
  • Secured maintenance of check stock
  • Accounts Payable Reports
  • Utility Bill Management
  • Travel and Expenses Processing
  • Tax Reporting, Supplier Management
  • Special Project Reports and Customer Service
  • Billings preparation and mailing after customer approval
  • Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system
  • Issuing of credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer
  • Maintaining subsidiary receivables ledger
  • Carrying out process adjustments approved by the customer
  • Applying cash received to customer accounts and resolving short pays
  • Preparing accounts receivable reports and periodic statements
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Invoicing Processing Services
  • Manual Journal Entry Services
  • General Ledger Maintenance, and much more

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